In celebration of our 25th anniversary, we will be highlighting the true core of our past 25 years of success, our associates. This month, we sat down with Christina River Exchange Accountant, Rodney Wylie to learn what BPG’s anniversary means to him both personally and professionally.

How long have you worked at BPG?

“I’ve been employed for 4 years”

What do you feel is the biggest difference between BPG when you first started and BPG today?

“The biggest difference is how much the company has grown, in regards to new properties, in just 4 short years.”

What was one of your most meaningful moments at work?

“When CRE recognized my overall abilities and offered me to come on board and work with their staff.”

How has working for BPG made you a better person?

“By teaching me new ways to approach difficult situations.”

How do you feel BPG is following their mission and transforming the communities we serve?

“I believe BPG is keeping to their “word” and does as much as possible for the community.”

What does BPG’s 25th anniversary mean to you?

“It means I am working for a company that has made it through tough economies and it manages to keep moving forward and growing. So I feel safe to know that it’s a company that isn’t going anywhere and expects to be around for another 25 years. Which is perfect for me because that’s about when I’ll be ready to retire.”