As BPG celebrates their 25th anniversary, we asked our associates what the major milestone means to them. Here is what Sarah Lamb, Vice President of Design and Marketing had to say:

How long have you worked at BPG?

“8.5 years!! Yes I still count in half years.”

What do you feel is the biggest difference between BPG when you first started and BPG today?

Well I am no longer the only one NOT wearing khakis and plaid button downs (no disrespect to the OGs!). For those of you who don’t know me as well, this is my sarcastic way of saying that I have really appreciated the way our company has embraced diversity and individuality through its growth! This is what makes us a family and not a workplace of autobots.”

What was one of your most meaningful moments at work?

“I wish I had more time to stop and smell the flowers so I could answer this one better. But it might have been hearing the stories of the first few residents who rented from Market Street Village when it first opened. Being able to provide opportunities for growth and sense of pride for people who may have felt this resurgence wasn’t for them, it was a moment when all the hard work we do felt justified and community driven.”

How has working for BPG made you a better person?

“Being surrounded by such intelligent, compassionate and genuine people goes a long way in today’s world. I learn from you all every day and I wish I said this more often!”

How do you feel BPG is following their mission and transforming the communities we serve?

“I think this calls for a Venn diagram!”

What does BPG’s 25th anniversary mean to you?

“That I’m celebrating with some really amazing people still set on doing more amazing things and that hopefully time doesn’t fly as fast for the next milestone.”