In celebration of our 25th anniversary, we will be highlighting the true core of our past 25 years of success, our associates. This month, we sat down with MKT Property Manager, Matthew Furst to learn what BPG’s anniversary means to him both personally and professionally.

How long have you worked at BPG?

“A little over 5 years”

What do you feel is the biggest difference between BPG when you first started and BPG today?

“There are so many things to choose from here! It’s really like a whole different company now, but the corporate culture from the time I started until now is like night and day. When I first started, there was a big separation between residential properties and corporate. I was almost afraid to speak to people at A-Street. Now I look forward to talking to all the A-Street people, who are always so willing to help and work with you!”

What was one of your most meaningful moments at work?

“Getting transferred to MKT. MKT has a deeper involvement in Market Street and with other departments in BPG. Working here, I’ve met so many people at BPGS, the local business owners, the cops that work downtown, and many other people I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten to know.”

How has working for BPG made you a better person?

“BPG has allowed me to flourish as an employee, challenging me to make decisions and be responsible for a wide variety of things.”

How do you feel BPG is following their mission and transforming the communities we serve?

“BPG is constantly striving to improve and be involved in the community. The Culture Club, employee events, and community service happen on a continual basis.”

What does BPG’s 25th anniversary mean to you?

“I feel proud to be working for a company that has accomplished so much in so little time. The transformation of Market Street and the Riverfront has been amazing and so awesome to watch and be a part of!”