Each month get to know another associate that is a part of the BPG Experience! At the Buccini/Pollin Group, our associates are just as dynamic as the company they work for! Get to know our team members a little better, each month we will introduce a feature associate! This month, meet Sallie Pernick!

Job title:
Property Manager at MKT


How long you have been with the company?

8 months


Most memorable day at BPG and why?

Filming the leasing video to show off what we do in Residential.


What you enjoy most about your job?

Every day is a different challenge.


Favorite Restaurant?

Amanda’s in Hoboken, NJ


Favorite activity outside of work?

Spending time with family


Random fun fact no one would know about you?
I want my wedding cake to be funfetti flavored.


If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

To be able to stop time so I can sleep more