At the Buccini/Pollin Group, our associates are just as dynamic as the company they work for! Get to know our team members a little better, each month we will introduce a feature associate! This month, meet Matthew Furst, our Assistant Community Director at MKT!

Job title:
Assistant Community Director at MKT


How long you have been with the company?
3.5 Years


Most memorable day at BPG and why?
March 24th, 2017; the day I learned about my new position at MKT. I was instantly sad, scared, and excited all at the same time. I learned more from Casey in 6 months than my entire career in property management! I was so sad and scared I wouldn’t have her guidance anymore, but I also knew I was ready for a new challenge. Being at MKT would position me to reach my career goals, and I was so honored that they thought of me for this role! I couldn’t have been more excited for this opportunity, and so far, it’s exceeded my expectations! 


What you enjoy most about your job?
I constantly have to think on my feet and never stop learning. 


Favorite Restaurant?
Not a restaurant, but I love the Shrimp Hoagie from Yummy Tummy at Rodney Square’s Farmer’s Market.


Favorite activity outside of work?
I have a diverse set of interests, but some of the things I enjoy are writing, cooking, movies, and I’ll NEVER turn down a game of beer pong.

Random fun fact no one would know about you?
I used to own two video stores, a home theater store, and I wrote a zombie novel called Grayskins, available on Amazon. (It’s a Young Adult novel, but I’m making it’ll be free from 5/3 until 5/7 you’re interested…


If you could have any super power what would it be and why?
Invisibility…for the pranks alone, this would be worth it!