Sixteen years ago, The Buccini/Pollin Group implemented the Neal Goldberg Spirit Award in memory of our late friend and coworker, Neal Goldberg. Neal was a good friend to many and remained committed to the company despite many challenges he faced with regards to his illness. Neal always showed a fun-loving spirit and was ready to assist anyone. Neal never complained nor did he let it affect his love and zest for life.

Neal demonstrated a resilience and strength that is worthy of being recognized and remembered, and it is because of this spirit and dedication that this award was created. In memory of Neal, this annual award goes to the individual who epitomizes the spirit and heart exhibited by Neal.

Please join us in congratulating ResideBPG Regional Facilities Manager Jose Rivera as the 2022 recipient of the Neal Goldberg Spirit Award!

Jose embraces and exemplifies BPG’s core values. He is passionate about the ResideBPG communities he serves and is dedicated to addressing the needs of residents and the buildings. Jose has a dedicated team of associates, and his philosophy is to ensure that each one of them is thoroughly trained, not just to fulfill their day-to-day responsibilities, but to ready them for advancement. He is always there to lend a helping hand and go the extra mile to support other properties in the ResideBPG portfolio. Jose’s personality fills the communities with laughter and keeps his peers in high spirits throughout the week.

We’d also like to acknowledge the runners up BPGS Laborer Reggie Rinehart and Associate Sean Esmond.

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