BPG associates celebrated their first town hall at the newly acquired Hotel DuPont and kicked off the meeting with tours of the historic space. During the town hall, Rob and Chris Buccini, Co-Presidents of the company, relived stories of the early days of the company. The days were not glamorous at the time, but the two banked on the talent of individuals with young entrepreneurial spirits like theirs, and their bets paid off. Team members such as Brent Biddle, Wesley Schwandt, Dave Pollin, Karl Wagner and Cole Flickenger have been with the company since the very early days. What started in an office in the back of an old warehouse turned into an organization with real estate assets having a value in excess of $4.0 billion!

Mike Edelin, Media Marketing Assistant for the company, enjoyed hearing the stories. “It was great insight on the growth of the company and showed the trial and tribulations of starting BPG. Many of the individuals there for the birth of the company are still here and it gives me so much more appreciation for what the company has become. It is a great feeling to be a part of such a thriving organization.”

The Buccini/Pollin Group’s Culture Club also spoke at the meeting, rolling out the mission statement and values they developed for the company over the past year.  The members explained why being a part of the Culture Club was a meaningful experience for them.

BPG Culture Club

Liz Allman, Sales and Marketing Manager for LuxiaSuites explained, “BPG is at the right stage in our organization’s growth to identify and formally endorse the organic cultural elements that have contributed to our success thus far.  It’s inspiring to hear how passionate our people are about building and serving our communities and I am grateful to be a part of the culture club experience.”

Following the town hall, associates headed to Constitution Yards Beer Garden for the annual company picnic and enjoyed complimentary food, drinks and the opportunity to win prizes!

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