Thursday April 25, 2019 Associates, Executives and kids from the Buccini/Pollin Group (BPG) celebrated, Take Your Daughter or Son to Work Day – a  day for youth to participate in activities and gain exposure to the BPG workplace and career paths therein. This year’s curriculum consisted of essential workforce building activities with the goal to empower young people to effect positive change within their communities, schools and homes — oh and of course — have fun along the way!

Twenty-eight girls and boys ranging in ages arrived bright and early at BPG Headquarters, located at 322 A Street, Wilmington DE for pictures and ice-breaking activities. Guided by their “BPG Passport” and map, parents and youths, kicked off the workplace education with an interdepartmental scavenger hunt covering 12 departments under the BPG umbrella: Design & Marketing, Asset Management, ResideBPG, BPG|360, BPGS Construction, Accounting, Acquisitions, Internet Technology, Legal, Human Resources and Development.

Next up, The BPG Experience, introduced special guests, Buckets of Love, Founder, Reagan, and Co-founder, Peyton who lead a group activity that demonstrated the magic that can happen when people unite together. Working together, the kids made a total of thirty-three 2.5 gallon buckets, helping Buckets of Love get one step closer to their 2019 goal – deliver 10,000 buckets, filled with age appropriate toys to deserving children and organizations by the end of the year.

Buckets of Love, Founder, Reagan and her sister, Co-Founder, Peyton at The BPG Headquarters
Sometimes we all need a helping hand! Stacey Horton From BPGS Construction Was One of The Many Helpful Volunteers for BPG Take Your Kids To Work Day 2019
A Total of Thirty Three Buckets Were Filled For Kids In Need
Buckets Of Love Founder, Reagan and Co-founder, Peyton Talk To the Kids About Their Organization

Afternoon activities commenced at the 76er’s Fieldhouse, where parents were invited to have lunch with their kids before the second half of the days’ games got started: team problem-solving and building from blueprints.

A special cake gift from our friends at Burton Construction was a surprise delivery – an exact replica of the 76er’s Fieldhouse!

Claire Nestor, from the Marketing Team led the blueprint construction activity and members of the BPGS Construction crew assisted. Youths were broken into different groups. Each group designed their own blueprints, then brought their designs to life using cardboard boxes and tape.

Elliot From BPGS Construction Leads His Group In The Blueprint Activity
The Kids Show Off Their New Ground Up Construction

The final game of the day was held on the new indoor turf arena and led by Mike Edelin of the BPG Marketing team. Teams had to use their quick thinking and problem solving skills to get everyone across the finish line. Kids were given lego sets to encourage them to continue building and effect positive change within their communities.

Problem Solving On-The-Fly At The 76ers Fieldhouse Indoor Turf Field

The Day was Topped Off With Ritas Water Ice Served by Shannon Sneed and Alexis Guy From BPG HR Team
Group Photo: Volunteers, Kids and Their Parents At BPG 2nd Annual Take Your Kids To Work Day At The 76ers Fieldhouse

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