Hotel Management

Pollin/Miller Hospitality Strategies, Inc. (PMHS) is the hotel management affiliate of The Buccini/Pollin Group (Buccini/Pollin). Based in Washington, DC, the company manages all of Buccin/Pollin's hotel assets, providing development, technical consulting, on-site management, and accounting expertise. Concentrated in the Mid-Atlantic, PMHS manages full-service and select-service hotels in the Hilton, Starwood, Marriott, and Choice families of brands. Since the opening of its first hotel in 1996, PMHS has participated in the development, acquisition, and renovation of 23 hotels with a market capitalization approaching $1 billion.

For each asset under management, PMHS provides a clear vision for ensuring its success. Long before PMHS focuses its attention on day-to-day operations, thorough due-diligence is performed (e.g., strategic analysis incorporating a comprehensive market assessment, competitive analysis, and the identification of all forces at work within a market). PMHS crafts a custom strategy for each hotel to fully exploit the unique characteristics of each asset. This strategy is intensely focused on ensuring durable financial returns.

Whether developing a new hotel or repositioning and making physical changes to an older hotel to optimize its performance, PMHS goes to work applying proprietary management and marketing tactics; work that allows us to deliver on strategic business objectives. Since inception, PMHS's total receipts have perennially grown faster than industry averages and its same store sales have grown in every year since its founding - including the difficult period after 9/11. Among the many awards won, PMHS was awarded the Platinum prize at the HSMAI Adrian Awards in NYC for advertising and web initiatives; and by its franchisors for service quality.

Committed to performance-based compensation, PMHS consistently achieves financial results that satisfy the objectives of its capital partners. PMHS places the financial success of each asset it manages ahead of all other priorities. In the process, PMHS is determined to do business the only way it knows how: with vision, commitment, and the highest integrity.

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At PM Hospitality Strategies, Inc., hotel excellence is our passion and it shows.